Blair Gable

Brides Getting Ready

It can be a time of calm or chaos, but photographing the moments of preparation before the wedding ceremony or a first-look always makes for beautiful pictures. The getting ready process is about more than having your makeup done and putting on an amazing wedding dress, it is about being in a room with the most important people in the brides life – her best friends, mother, sisters, etc. Being there to photograph the moments between the moments is one of my favourite parts of the day. Please enjoy some of my favourite photos of brides getting ready from the last few years.

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Stunning Outdoor Wedding Ceremonies

They can be ruined by heat, rain, or bugs, but outdoor wedding ceremonies are amazing! For wedding photographers they are a dream, because it means they don’t have to setup lights, or shoot under funky-coloured lights, and they can focus on the emotion of the ceremony. Outdoor wedding ceremonies are also usually celebrated by Officiants which can have fewer rules than ministers and prints; freeing up your photographer to be as creative as the environment allows. Please enjoy some of my favourite outdoor wedding ceremony photos from the last few years!

Canadian Golf and Country Club, Ottawa


Private beach, Quebec

Greenhouse, Newmarket

Crimson Ridge Golf Course, Sault Ste. Marie

Strathmere Lodge, Ottawa

Municipal Park, Ottawa

Chateau Laurier balcony, Ottawa

You can check out more of my work at Third Floor York weddings.